Friday, 27 April 2012

april instagram challenges ~ week 3

for week 3 of my instagram photo challenges, i confess, i got a bit behind. daily life can get busy, as you know, but thankfully, i did catch up, so here i am to share!

#photoadayapril called for pics of flower, something i don't like, hair {first pic at top}, orange, something i drew, bottle, the last thing i bought and vegetable...

for #aprilfashion i took pics of flats {shoes}, belt, plaid, large ring, bow, polka dots, lip balm/chapstick and diamond...

holy grail beauty, toe nails, morning skincare, inside beauty cabinet, shades of autumn, sparkle and bronzer for #30daysofbeautyapril rounded up a fabulous week of pics.

hope you've enjoyed this picture journey with me so far! i'll be posting week 4 in a few days. i'll also be sharing what i decide to do for the month of may since there are a few other photo challenges i'm considering. i don't want to do more than 3, so i'll let you know!

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enjoy your weekend! :)

pics taken by me :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

review: Per-fekt Skin & Cheek Perfection Gels

it goes without saying, but multitasking products are a must in every beauty girls' supply. Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel {introduced to me during awards season, and used by celebs like Reese Witherspoon, Blake Lively and Jennifer Love Hewitt} is one of those products. not only does it offer lightweight, skin-enhancing results, but reduces redness and discoloration, keeps skin hydrated, controls shine, and is packed with antioxidants to boot!

Skin Perfection Gel isn't like most foundations. the unique formula is a gel-mousse hybrid of sorts, available in 5 skin-loving shades {4 if you don't count translucent as a shade} with smart color technology. while it's buildable, it doesn't provide completely full coverage. it's also unique in that it is to be applied by patting on rather than rubbing in {the shade i use, by the way, is called rich}. the finish is smooth and matte, which i love, plus water and sweat resistant ~ perfekt {sorry, i couldn't help it} for the warm-weather season! 

after creating a glowing complexion you'll, of course, need a gorgeous compliment of color! the Cheek Perfection Gel {available in 2 shades, blushed, pictured, and bronzed} is an amazing blush that gives cheeks a natural-looking flush. and because it's so concentrated, a very tiny bit goes a long way. simply warm between fingertips, dot onto cheeks and gently pat in for your most flattering color.

if you hadn't already guessed, i love the both the Skin and Cheek Perfection Gels. they're innovative, all-natural and such a lovely treat to use.

visit for more info!

products featured sent to me for reveiw consideration; pics taken by me :)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

currently loving...

spring is in full swing...isn't it fabulous?

mornings are still cold, but the days are getting warmer, longer, and i'm so inspired by all of the new and gorgeous things in my life that are making the season so much more splendid...

fresh blooms!
i love fresh flowers, and seeing them everywhere always brings a smile to my face.

a new scent!
i've enjoyed wearing Shenandoah, by Terri Michelle fragrances, a lot lately. the clean-smelling scent has floral notes, but also musks, making it sophisticated but still light. i admit, i probably wouldn't have liked this a few years ago, but i now find this to be quite lovely. this gem is perfect for the spring season with its notes of bergamot, white lily, white musk, freesia, lotus, ylang ylang and sandalwood.

coral and mint in particular are among the eye-pleasing, happy-inducing pastel shades every beauty girl should be adding to her daily life this season. both shades are uber flattering and can easily be incorporated through clothing, accessories and beauty products. i'm loving Sally Hansen nail polish in Mint Sorbet and Revlon's Coral Reef lipgloss.

new mascaras!
even if i'm not wearing shadow or liner, i wear mascara. three i can't get enough of all happen to be made by Maybelline ~ One by One {clump-free, fabulous volume}, Lots of Lashes {amazing, glossy length and volume with a fabulous brush to get at every lash} and Illegal Length Fiber Extensions {gorgeous, flake-free length}. trust me, dolls, you need these eye-opening gems in your beauty arsenal.

what are you currently loving??

Shenandoah fragrance sent to me for review consideration; pics taken by me

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

video: Bobbi Brown's Lonely Makeup Bag

inspired by the idea that Bobbi Brown's new Long-Wear Eye Collection will take you from coffee to cocktails without a smudge, this fun video, The Lonely Makeup Bag, plays up just how lost {and lonely} your makeup bag will be when you'll no longer need touch-ups throughout the day.

it's too cute! enjoy...

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

nail color of the week: Chic by Revlon

Revlon's new dusty blue polish, Chic, is currently dressing my nails this week. isn't it lovely?


like all of my experiences with Revlon polishes, it applies gorgeously and wears brilliantly. it's such a fabulous shade for the season ~ not too deep or light. 

full disclosure, the pics you see are actually from the first time i wore the polish, about a month ago, but trust me, it looks just as pretty on my nails right now as i type this...

what polish are you wearing this week?

pics taken by me :)

Monday, 16 April 2012

april instagram challenges ~ week 2

hello, beauties! hope you enjoyed a splendid weekend. for me it marked the end of my kids' 2-week spring break. i enjoyed having them home, playing games, doing crafts {one of which was actually a homework assignment for my daughter's science class}, reading, watching movies and savoring the low key days. we relished the final days of being off, but they were excited for getting back to school today, to see their teachers, and of course to catch up with their friends. i don't blame them, i was the same when i was their age!

i also wrapped up week two of my photo challenges, and just like the first week, i enjoyed sharing my own take on the suggested images.

take a look...

#photoadayapril included a younger me, cold, where i ate breakfast {first image at top}, stairs, something i found, how i felt today and sunset...

cosmetic brand, perfume, clutch, gold jewelry, arm party, stripes and red lips made up the second week of #aprilfashion...

and #30daysofbeautyapril had me take pics of blush, day makeup look, carry in handbag, night skincare routine, eye makeup, night makeup products and inside my shower.

needless to say, i'm loving these photo challenges!  

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pics taken by me :)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

review: Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation

to give skin smooth-looking, flawless texture it's the base that will give you the best result...

i'm no stranger to foundation {i've used my share in 32 years!}, and though i've found my holy grail, i've been using the new Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation for the past few weeks...

the formula feels light on my skin, blends well and is buildable in coverage. it promises up to 8 hours of wear and actually went beyond that {i did use a primer and makeup setting spray} under average wear. it contains skin-loving antioxidants, and because of its non-drying, oil-free ingredients, is great for most skin types.

the overall finish of Supreme is beautiful. it did streak when faced with moisture {in the form of sweat and tears from laughing or crying}, but it doesn't claim to stand up against any elements, so that was easy to get over. it doesn't contain spf, and unfortunately, i did have to mix two shades to create my perfect match...

the brand was gracious enough to send me two of their dark shades, Sunset Beige and Toffee Bronze. i did find the lighter shade {Sunset Beige} was better, if i had to choose one, but blending them together was best. since this line is permanent, i'm hoping more shades will be added {at least one shade between Sunset and Toffee, please :)} to fill in the gaps.

no, this isn't a perfect foundation, but i still think it's good. if you can find the shade best suited for you, it's definitely worth giving a try. of course, you can always get a sample first {from Sephora or your nearest Laura Mercier counter}.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme is available now. visit for more info!

product featured provided by brand for review consideration; pics taken my me :)